Crack Rock or Concrete using 3 easy steps

Crack Rock Demo is the fastest, most powerful and economical expansive controlled silent demolition agent of its kind. It is made of a safe, non-toxic powdered mixture of natural minerals. When mixed with water and poured into pre-drilled holes it will expand at an incredible force of over 20,000 PSI which is able to break any strength of rock or concrete.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three


  • Increases productivity and safety
  • Reduces labour costs, pollution and removal time
  • Safe, environmentally friendly and gentle
  • Clean, efficient and cost- efficient
  • Non-explosive, non-impact and non-flammable
  • No special training, equipment or licenses required
  • No transportation restriction
  • No vibration, flying debris, toxic gases or noise
  • Allows access to areas where heavy machinery or explosives are prohibited


Equipment Breaking:

  • Equipment pads and retaining walls
  • Pillars, beams, foundations and patios
  • Stair wells, driveways and roadwork

Rock Breaking:

  • Boulder removal and boulder breaking
  • Excavation, trenching, levelingĀ and tunneling

Quarry and Mining:

  • Granite, marble and limestone
  • Sandstone and onyx

Product Type temperature range for maximum performance

Type 1

20 to 35 Degree Celsius
(68 to 95 Degree Fahrenheit)

Type 2

10 to 25 Degree Celsius
(50 to 77 Degree Fahrenheit)

Type 3

5 to 15 Degree Celsius
(41 to 59 Degree Fahrenheit)

Type 4

-8 to 5 Degree Celsius
(18 to 41 Degree Fahrenheit)

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